Which type of figurative language is used to describe the toilet? O metaphor O personification O simile

World Languages · High School · Tue Nov 03 2020

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Comparing toilet to an object due to its similarities, then the best type of figurative language to be used is Simile or Metaphor. It must be taken note that when using Simile, the words “like” or “as” is used, while in using Metaphor, it is just a comparison of two unlike objects without the use of the words “like” and “as”. 



The palm of his hands that was soaked in an unknown material is  dirty as  a toilet.


The path of life is not just a round toilet bowl, there are also different stages that you need to encounter, and overcome.


Personification means giving life to a non-living object, in this case is the “toilet”


The toilet grumbled, as he flashed the tissue papers.

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