Which of the following indicate an increased risk of violence? Select all that apply: - Patients abusing drugs or alcohol - Patients with dementia - Emotionally distraught patients

Medicine · College · Thu Feb 04 2021

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All of the options listed can potentially indicate an increased risk of violence:

1. Patients abusing drugs or alcohol: Substance abuse can impair judgement, reduce inhibitions, and increase impulsivity, which can lead to an increased risk of violent behavior. Drugs or alcohol can alter a person's mood and behavior and might contribute to unpredictable and aggressive actions.

2. Patients with dementia: Dementia can result in changes to the brain that affect behavior, making some individuals with dementia more prone to aggression and violence. This can be due to confusion, fear, or frustration, especially if the person is unable to communicate effectively.

3. Emotionally distraught patients: Patients who are experiencing intense emotions, such as anger, fear, or anxiety, can be at a higher risk for violent behavior. This might be due to the emotional distress overwhelming their ability to cope or control their impulses.