if you add a lot of glue to your hands what will happen 100 hours later??

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1. Drying and Peeling: Within the first few hours, the glue would begin to dry. As it dries, it would form a solid layer over your skin. Your skin naturally secretes oils and sheds dead skin cells, which would cause the glue layer to lose its adhesion over time.

2. Movement: As you move your hands and fingers, the dried glue would start to crack and peel off. Normal activities that involve your hands would expedite this process.

3. Irritation: If the glue is on your hands for an extended period, it could potentially cause skin irritation. Your skin needs to breathe, and covering it with glue could lead to sweat accumulating under the glue, possibly causing irritation or even a mild rash if you have sensitive skin.

4. Cleaning Difficulty: After a significant amount of time, the glue might become more difficult to remove fully because it could seep into crevices around your fingernails or wrinkles in your skin.

100 hours later (which is over four days), most of the glue would likely have peeled off, especially if you washed your hands multiple times in the interim. If any residue remained, you might need to use a solvent or oil-based product to help dissolve or loosen what's left. Always be careful with solvents and follow the manufacturer's instructions for glue removal, as some can be harsh on your skin