Why is the price elasticity of demand for Starbucks greater than the price elasticity for coffee generally? Explain your answer in at least 3 - 5 sentences with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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The price elasticity of demand for Starbucks coffee is greater than that for coffee in general because Starbucks coffee is a branded product with more available substitutes compared to coffee as a category. Consumers perceive Starbucks as a premium product and often buy it for reasons beyond just the need for caffeine, such as taste preferences, brand loyalty, and the ambience of Starbucks stores. When the price of Starbucks coffee rises, consumers can easily switch to other coffee brands or local coffee shops, which makes the demand for Starbucks relatively price elastic. On the other hand, coffee in general is a staple good for many people, and despite price changes, the quantity demanded usually fluctuates less because it is a broader category with fewer perceived direct substitutes, making its price elasticity generally lower.

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