Which of the following is commonly found in text where writers use a stream-of-consciousness style?

English · High School · Thu Feb 04 2021

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The correct answer is option B. Complete sentences are commonly found in text where writers use a stream-of-consciousness style.

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Answer: Stream-of-consciousness is a literary style in which a writer depicts the multitude of thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind. In texts where writers use this style, you will commonly find:

1. Lack of punctuation or unconventional punctuation - to represent the flow of thoughts without the regular pauses and breaks that are typical in formal writing. 2. Long sentences - to mimic the continuity of thoughts that can run on and connect various ideas without clear demarcation. 3. Lack of clear structure or organization - reflecting how thoughts in our mind often do not follow a linear, logical pattern. 4. Use of free association - where one thought or image may lead to another without obvious or logical connection. 5. Interior monologue - presenting characters' thoughts and feelings directly, often in the first person. 6. Repetition and fragmentation - thoughts may repeat or break off, representing an interrupted or cyclical thinking process. 7. Shifts in narrative time - depicting memory, anticipation, or daydreaming, which disrupts the chronological flow of the narrative.

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