Which of the following are not properties of enzymes? a) Required to sustain the life of an organism b) Sensitive to the pH and temperature of their environment c) Able to interact with all compounds or substrates d) Large proteins with a specific surface pattern

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The statement that is not a property of enzymes is c) Able to interact with all compounds or substrates.

Enzymes are highly specific in nature. Each enzyme typically interacts with one particular substrate, or a small range of substrates that share a similar chemical structure. This specificity is due to the unique three-dimensional structure of the enzyme, particularly the active site, where the substrate binds. The enzyme-substrate specificity is often compared to a "lock and key" mechanism, where only the right key (substrate) fits into the lock (enzyme).

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The Correct Answer is :The statement "c) Able to interact with all compounds or substrates" is not an accurate property of enzymes. Enzymes are highly selective catalysts that typically only interact with specific substrates due to their unique active sites that fit particular molecular shapes, much like a lock and key. Each enzyme is designed to facilitate a specific chemical reaction or set of reactions with particular substrates, not with all compounds.